Rebuilding Together Sebastopol joined the national nonprofit Rebuilding Together in 2004 as a branch of the Santa Rosa affiliate. In 2011, we formed our own nonprofit affiliation to serve the Sebastopol area. Since our first workday in April of 2005, we have revitalized numerous homes with the support of our generous, dedicated community and plan to do so for years to come.

We highly value the homeowners, nonprofits, trades people, businesses, corporate and community groups who are the backbone of the work we accomplish each year.

Board of Directors

  • Patrick Slayter


  • Theresa Russo


  • Geni Houston


  • Brendan Boylan

  • Warren Brown


  • Carol Capria

  • Doug Ebright

  • George Elliott

  • Al Lustig

  • Marie Reichlmayr

  • George Ryan

Board Emeritus

  • Ron Bartholomew

  • Kim Cottingham

  • Terry Kelly

  • Dave Leff

  • Connie King

  • Jan Slaby

  • Gene Nelson