Neighbors helping neighbors, like the barn-raising of old, is the American spirit in action. Rebuilding Together is the leading national volunteer organization that in partnership with communities was born of that spirit as people came together to help their neighbors in need repair their homes.

In 2004, Sebastopol established its own affiliate, Rebuilding Together Sebastopol, to work in this community and build our own neighborhood spirit from within.

The Rebuilding Together mission is repairing homes, revitalizing communities and rebuilding lives within the Sebastopol area, assuring that our neighbors in need live in warmth, safety and independence. Referrals are through neighborhood associations, places of faith, community organizations, service groups, and by self-referral.

Many of our neighbors have worked all their lives and have been physically and financially able to maintain their homes in good condition. Now due to illness, the loss of a spouse, aging, and/or economic hardships, they are unable do repair work themselves and their homes become unsafe or deteriorate.

Rebuilding Together assists with these necessary safety repairs that often include plumbing, electrical work, home modifications, and other improvements. Our vision is to provide safe homes and communities for everyone.

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